Increasing Social Media Engagement of People

Social Media Engagement

Increasing Social Media Engagement of People is going to be a few factors typically. It’s going to be the quality of the content and then the distribution right easier said than done. But at the core, it’s going to be the quality of the content how good is the content or is it stuff people want to watch. And then the distribution channels. So if you have a great concept without a distribution channel, it’s typically not going to work out well for you.

You can get away with worse content. If you have a distribution channel, I’m going to tell you what I mean. So let’s go to the quality of the content first at the end of the day. If you’re not a famous athlete, you can’t do something out crazy. It’s going to be how good the content is it funny, is it engaging, is it entertaining right. You’ll see some people who’ve built a massive following just merely putting out funny content or something.

Social Media Engagement
Social Media Engagement

social media engagement ideas

That is satirical, or you’ll see some of the bodybuilders are lifting tremendous amounts of weight. So it draws eyes and attention. Now that’s the first way you can do, and it is something of that nature now if you’re more of a business type person where you’re just putting out content for entrepreneurs and online business owners.

It’s going to come down to is more of a distribution channel right and then also building your brand. You’re able to do specifically for Instagram the turntable do on other platforms is it’s effortless to get shout outs on Instagram meaning. Other media are posting your content now in theory if you could do that on Facebook or YouTube. It’d be this to the same effect.

For example, when you see you tubers get together and collaborate, that audience can now see the other you tuber. They might go there channel follows start consuming their content right same thing can be said for Facebook. But it’s not an as common right. It’s not as common where you’re going to see someone share someone else’s material. I’m going to say Facebook or especially YouTube because you usually have to meet up; you have to have some rapport with you.

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I’ve tried to do where I find different influencers on YouTube who are willing to push my content. Because then I can get in front of their audience, and their audience will know about me. It is the first step to creating wealth and money. People have to know you exist; they have to know about your business. If you can’t get your message out there, you’re not going to be able to make any money.

That is the first thing only how to get your content out there is the first part what we talked about, and then this would be the distribution.  So here’s my advice first, if you can create excellent content where you’re hilarious, or you’re handsome, you’re you know, a little Instagram model or something.

It’s going to be the easiest way because what you’ll do is you’ll go out. You’re going to get a lot of people engaging. If it gets a lot of engagement in the Explorer Channel, what will happen is sometimes no idea. You are scrolling through; they’re like this gets more attention, and it drives a lot of traffic to your page. Now besides that, let’s say you’re posting standard contains the following way to get around.

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This is specifically on Instagram because you know YouTube. I think you have to learn how the algorithm works and put out quality content. The simple fact that doesn’t get them as much reach anymore, and most of my traffic driven from Facebook is through ads. So with that being said then it turns to Instagram. I’m working on YouTube Facebook doesn’t have as much reach anymore. I’m looking at Instagram now; the best way to grow an Instagram, in my opinion, is you find different pages that have your ideal clients or whatever reason.

You want to grow but typically unless you have a business generating a lot of income. We’re not going to have the money to go out, and you know, spend recklessly. Because you’re not getting a return, you’re going to broke. You’ll realize is that clouds or popularity fades at the end of the day. Nobody gives a crap what you’re doing, you may think.

They do, but ultimately no one cares. So it’s like what’s important to you and what’s the reason why you’re trying to grow your social media presence.  Specifically, it’s so I can grow my business.  You can go out to different pages on Instagram, and I have someone on my team and does this whole time.

They find pages that have ideal clients. They will go out, and they will post my content with captions. They will drive traffic to my page, then my team or myself will engage with them, and we turn them into paying customers, and that’s how it makes sense for us, so that is one how to get people to engage.

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If you’re not getting that engagement, how can you increase your followers now? Why is that important because you have to get people to your page, have followers get them to engage with your content? You can’t only have good content, and then no one’s getting driven to your page, and it’s just going to work. So it’s a mix of great content and then moving the traffic.

It’s going to do better than someone who does excellent content; it only gets a hundred people to see it, so I hope that makes sense but, in a nutshell, work on having great engaging content, satirical entertaining funny. You know if you’re good-looking, whatever makes it about other people focus on what they want, not what you’re wanting them to see what is going to help them.

You can post that will help them and then working on the distribution channel. Specifically, I think the biggest one would be IG, but that’s the fastest way to grow. If you can get other media influencers to promote your content, the distribution channel and you have great content. They’ll grow extremely fast.

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