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Digital Product Marketing

Digital Product Marketing you ever tried to create a digital product, but you have no idea. Because it’s going to be all about creating that perfect digital product. The ideal digital product now typically the biggest issue with people building their online business is they mess this up. They mess up the essential part; it’s like building a pyramid and messing up the foundation they make it on the sand, and so they get to the top, and the whole thing crumbles.

Digital Product Marketing
Digital Product Marketing

The first tip on this is to make sure it lands in one of these three categories. You have health wealth and relationships that you service, and what you offer to sell needs to stay in those categories.

There are two reasons the right first reason is everyone wants to increase their wealth, health, and better relationships; there’s not one person on earth who would disagree with that.

Digital product marketing

The first thing, so it leaves you in a great place to find potential customers’ second reason is there are goals you have measured variables measured goals. If you come, work will help you increase your revenue. It goes up, or it doesn’t right, you can say yes or no. If I were a relationship coach, I’d say I’d help you get on a date. Did you get on a date, or did you not? It’s yes or no.

If I were increasing your health and saying you’re going to lose 15 pounds did you lose it or not, one of the worst offers is to do something like Tony Robbins. Now Tony Robbins is a master right; he’s the top of his game. He has many clouts you do not and saying to someone that they will feel happier what does that mean saying that.

They’ll feel better; what does that mean saying that they’ll have more pride or just it doesn’t make any sense. So it’s hard to sell to someone who has no idea who you are because they’re like well if I pay you five grand, what does that mean if I do that so make sure that the first thing you do is that the goals or the things you do are in those three realms and then it will fit the plans right.

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The second tip for this is once you pick the health wealth or relationship category niche down but not too much now what do I mean sometimes people that say, help moms who are 35with three kids well that’s great, but you niche down too far. Because now if someone isn’t 35 or don’t have three kids, they won’t work with you.

But if you said I help mom sits big enough to where you can still have a lot of people come into your world and ecosystem and want to work with you. Still, it’s small enough that you’re not competing against everyone. The reason to niche downright is that you’re not competing with everyone; it’s more challenging, and can you still be successful.

So if you’re a fitness trainer, you work with moms, maybe you use with dads, perhaps you do with only older people, perhaps you only work with younger people, which I wouldn’t suggest as a caveat. Because they usually won’t have money, but you get the same drift thing on the business side. You do everything, or do you do Facebook ads do you do funnels, do you do sales niche down into one specific thing that’s good that you’re good at? You can get an excellent result, and that would be the second thing.

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After you’ve done those two things, the third and final tip is to make sure that you price it right now. I can’t stress this enough; people seem to think that you’re a terrible person or selfish or greedy if you charge a lot of money. The opposite is, in fact, true because when I make a lot of money, I can help more people, I can build more schools, I can give to more charities.

I can pay for cancer treatments for people in my family, which is happening right now there’s a lot of things. I can do those others can’t who don’t make a lot of money. So you shouldn’t feel bad for charging a lot because by making more money, you’re able to help more people. You’re selfish on two levels for not demanding more one; people who don’t pay a lot don’t take it seriously to you ever seen someone who’s spent 47 bucks for something.

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They’re not going to do a lot of work. Because they don’t value it, someone who pays ten grand will love it, so you’re helping them get a better result, and number two, it helps motivate you to give your best service and gives you the lifestyle. You want and guys, at the end of the day, if you’re helping someone, you don’t want to help them a ton if you don’t feel well compensated it’s just how life works.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself so that you can help others, so that’s the third and final tip so to make sure that you pick an offer in the health wealth or relationship sector the second thing is to make sure you down. But not too far and watch that in the video if you forgot what I described that, and then the third thing is making sure that you charge enough to help the customer receive their result by them being dedicated. You will feel good and give your best effort as you think to compensate.

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