Paid Advertising Techniques in Online

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is the statement I’ve lost money on Facebook Ads, or I’ve lost money on youtube ads probably. We will go over the pros and cons of paid marketing and how to mitigate your risk. If you build profitable online businesses, a huge proponent of paid marketing.

Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising

There are also some downsides that you should be aware of now. You can grow your business much faster why now the whole reason most people can’t make money in a business is not that they’re not a right person not because they’re not smart and not because they don’t have a good service it’s only because they don’t get enough eyeballs on their offer.

For example, in a month, spend between 400 000 to half a million dollars on paid advertising; well, let’s do the math. That is millions and millions and millions of impressions. You only need this many to buy to make a lot of money on how to do this effectively, so the pro will do this while the pro would be many people to see your service.

The con would be that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will go broke right; you got to think of paid marketing as gambling right if you know what you’re doing consistently. It’s a little better than paid gaming gambling is pretty risky.

But if you know what you’re doing when you put in a dollar. It’s not dangerous because you know you’re going to get it back two or more, you’ll be infinitely wealthy. The problem is as most people put in that money, never having played the game.

Advertising examples

So think if you went to a casino and you’re playing poker, and one of the guys is a professional, and you’ve never even played a hand who will probably win the same concept so again. The first pro is you get tons of eyeballs; the second one is that the con is that you can lose a bunch of money.

You don’t know what you’re doing okay that goes into step number two, which would be its predictable income so one of the best ways and reasons. We pay marketing is very predictable because, on average, you will get a 4x right four, so if you get a 4x.

You put in a hundred thousand dollars that means on average, you should get 400 000, which means you make a 300 000return on investment or profit. You cannot put that amount of money into any other asset on earth and get that kind of return, so you get consistent high ROI returns.

Good marketing plan again, let’s go back to the same side; the con is you have to be good at marketing, so many people go tanner. If I get a Facebook media buyer, someone who runs their ad campaigns, will I be rich? No, you won’t because all they’re doing is clicking buttons.

Advertising on Instagram

The hardest part of making money is not getting eyeballs; it’s what you do with those eyeballs. It’s the follow-up, it’s the processes, it’s the systems, it’s the sales calls it’s the automation show do you get someone to go from who are you to giving you a bunch of money.

People who made at least ten in 30 days and we’ll leave that link in the description and maybe somewhere on this video now the third and final point is you can build a massive brand. For example, I started a new Instagram account, and the tanner dotchitister will throw it up on the screen about five or six months ago.

I run many ads, and I pay Instagram shout outs; what does that do well think about it? Why do some people have more followers? More people know about them. If I want someone to follow me or get more followers, more people have to what I know about you.

Types of paid advertising

So if I am continually running ads and constantly retargeting people who go to social media profiles. If you’re trying to build an asocial brand, you step into the limelight right, the con of paid ads is that people will talk a lot of shit people who will say rude things, right people.

It would help if you had a tan, or your biceps aren’t that big, or you’re looking a little fatter lately or whatever they might say right, and so most people, the problem and why they can’t be successful is they can’t take negative comments right they literally fall apart. The second someone says something negative on social media now over the years.


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