How to Get Traffic for Website to Improve

Traffic for Website

Traffic for Website want the latest traffic and conversion strategies, and I help brands become more prominent brands online. Tiny brands are so much more personal. Instagram, Facebook ads, blogging, SEO, Google ads, LinkedIn, to name a few ways to get traffic. It’s no surprise that marketers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are confused about which traffic strategy is right for them.

Traffic for Website
Traffic for Website

That’s why I’m going to tell you six ways to get traffic to your website fast and free. Number one, improve your existing rankings in Google. There’s this saying that SEO is long term, but that’s not entirely true. Suppose your website is already ranking on page two for a particular keyword or a search query.

Increase search traffic for website

Then that’s a lot easier to get to page one and start driving traffic that’s relevant to your business fast. Here’s an example of increasing traffic by 13% within two months, which is nearly 1,000 more visitors to the website.

To find keywords that your website is currently ranking for, head over to Google Search Console, click on performance, and look at the keywords. That your site is ranking for on pages two to five because those that are potentially strong opportunities to improve your traffic in the short term and start bringing in new inquiries and sales.

Now you want to go in and start analyzing those pages. Maybe the quality of content needs improving to compete to pay for page one. Perhaps it needs better on-page SEO optimization. You know, you’re not going to see until you start doing the analysis.

Get instant traffic on website

Number two, create a new conversation with your email list. Do you have an existing email list where there’s potentially new traffic and people waiting for you to share something with them? You know best of all its traffic and an audience that you have complete control over.

You may need to keep in touch and remain top of mind. And so, what do you want to start thinking about is what you could share with them? You could share a quick win or a hack that you’ve just learned. You could share an offer or share a company announcement. Hit the like button if you’re going to email your audience more often.

Drive massive traffic for website

Number three, partner with influencers. Partnering with other influencers in your space who already have an existing audience is an excellent way of quickly getting in front of a more massive crowd. Now, rather than finding influencers, you don’t know who they are and who will probably charge you.

That you can work with directly? And if you can’t, then there is a way to partner up with influencers on a joint venture basis where perhaps you both get 50% of the proceeds. So while you don’t keep as much of the revenue in the short term, the more extended period you have a larger audience.

Interview an expert

You can now begin to nurture and build a conversation and build trust and offer new products or services in the future. There’s an influencer who’s interested in getting in front of your audience in exchange for sharing your brand with their audience. You know, that’s just an easy swap. Most of the time, here you’re going to find influencers in a similar situation to yours.

You could interview other experts and feature them on your site, and there’s a good chance they have an existing audience who will find out about you when they share their interview. How easy is that? Not only will this bring in traffic, but more importantly, it’s going to help to improve your authority in this space.

Ask an Expert for a Quote

Number five, ask an expert for a quote. Speaking of experts, you could ask them to contribute to one of your pieces, like sharing their views or a tip linked to your topic. It’s interesting. Three things happened when you do this.

Your article has more credibility. The piece will be more engaging, and above all, you’ve increased your chances of getting some early trafficking if the expert share sits with their audience.

Companies that drive traffic for website

Number six, Write for other large websites. I know it sounds pretty simple, but if you find the right site to write some content for, then you could end up seeing a ton of traffic coming your way. There’s plenty of sites out there looking for experts to offer new content and offer different perspectives. So first, you need to find relevant sites. You can do this easily using Google.

You’re going to come across a bunch of sites that are open to contribution. You can now quickly look at the estimated traffic of that site and see whether it’s worth pursuing and going through the exercise is also going to help you grow.

The number of sites mentioning and linking back to your site, which also has a long term benefit from an SEO perspective as Google. There’s a long term benefit of getting Google to trust you and sending you traffic organically without you now having to try.

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