Podcast SEO Tips to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Podcast SEO Tips

Podcast SEO Tips are know Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. The good news for us podcasters is that last year, Google started indexing podcasts. This means that Google is crawling spoken words along with titles and Meta Description. It helps to popular results into our SERPs or search engine results pages as of today.

Podcast SEO Tips
Podcast SEO Tips

Google users have to add the phrase podcast to the search to bring up audio content like a podcast. But this is expected to change soon. Now more than ever, we need to have our SEO game figured out. So if you want to know if you’re making any of these SEO mistakes. You can start improving or developing an SEO strategy.

Podcast SEO Tips for Keywords 

SEO is so important for your podcast SEO insurance your podcast is discoverable in its visibility. You want your podcasts to be high on Google search results. You tried to get a high traffic search volume. The more traffic your podcast gets, the more likely new people will discover it and engage with it. These people may be doing Google searches and come across your podcast.

This way, we can convert them into podcast listeners. So mistake number one not using keywords in your episode titles, metadata, and content. I see this mistake a lot of people either create episodes with highly searchable content. But don’t use the right keywords on their titles or metadata. Missing out on the opportunity to rank higher on Google searches even worse.

They create episodes about content nobody is searching for. So it’s almost impossible to rank on Google, but what are keywords and how you can find them. Our goal is to find those keywords our niche audience is searching the most and create content around them. We are knowing what people are searching for and creating content that answers their questions will increase your SEO. But don’t stop right there; for this strategy to work. You need to add those keywords in your metadata titles and descriptions and episode content.

Podcast  SEO Tips for beginners

You can find keywords using different tools like your surfer or Uber suggest. So make a list of your keywords and start using them in your episodes. We cover SEO strategy, and other marketing strategies are your production content planning and social media promotion.

Mistake number two not having a website for your podcast is a widespread mistake among podcasters. A web host can only do so much for your SEO. If you have a website, you can add more content around your episodes in addition to the episode description and summary. You’ll create for your web host with a website. We can repurpose your episodes into a blog post and embed your podcast player into the article.

You can also add main points or the episode transcript to the episode page on your website. This will give your episodes more SEO. You can also treat your blog content as any other regular blog post adding keywords to the titles linking. The other attacks or articles to keep your audience engaged and on your site for longer.

Not Placing Keywords

Mistake number three not placing keywords and strategic places or overusing keywords. I’ve seen many podcast episodes with no description. Only one sentence, or a series of words that don’t make any sense to the reader. They’re doing is adding a list of keywords without any context.

This practice will hurt your SEO and turn users away. I’ve also seen podcasts adding keywords only to the episode’s title and not to the episode description. We talk about optimizing for Google, we usually mean placing keywords at street spots. These strategic spots are titled subtitles and in the article or podcast episode itself.

Another way is to put your keywords in the titles or metadata inside your web host. Then use your keywords stylistically, and coherently don’t compromise your copy’s quality to add keywords. Find the balance between adding as many keywords as possible while making your content engaging in fun to read.

Not Having Engaging or Relevant Content

Mistake number four not having engaging or relevant content. Suppose people find your website episodes and articles and move quickly to another site. In that case, this tells Google that your content is not good quality affecting SEO. It is having content that is not relevant to the keywords. You’re using low quality or repetitive can increase the bounce rate.

If this happens frequently, Google will stop suggesting your content to other users. I’ve seen many blog articles with only one paragraph very poorly explaining a concept to use the keyword. This is not a good practice and will quickly hurt your SEO. To avoid this, always write articles that answer your audience’s questions. If writing articles for each podcast episode is not something.

Transcript Podcast  SEO Tips

You have time for your production schedule, and you can use a transcription service like the script to transcribe your episodes. And turn them into written content quickly and if you’re interested to learn how to use the hand. Mistake number four is not leveraging your social media to send traffic to your site. Posting your episodes and articles without promoting promotion will not help you grow.

SEO is a combined effort between using the right strategy and boosting. Your traffic by sending people to your site, driving traffic to your episodes and blog articles. Your social media should be something that you do regularly. I recommend checking your website and web host analytics to find out the episodes. The items that are performing best and keep promoting them on your social media.

The more people will listen and read these high-traffic articles and attacks, the more momentum. They’ll gain the more moment in the game the more. Google will suggest to them create lots of traffic. Your episodes and article by posting on your social media channels and directing traffic to those links.

Keyword Research Podcast SEO Tips

Mistake number five is not researching your competitors. Add anything new to the subject; you will be directly competing with their content. This is why it is essential to find out what your competitors are doing. And add your analysis personality, in-depth research, and different perspectives.

You can just run a google search and skim through the other content. You find don’t think that you have to reinvent. The wheel for this or come up with new theories or information. The substance of your content can change by merely changing the angle of approach.

Crediting Your Sources with Podcast SEO Tips

Mistake number six is not citing or crediting your sources. This hurts your SEO and is also a very dishonest practice that can lead to a copyright claim. Your cite authoritative sources on your website or podcast episodes. You are growing your authority and boosting your SEO.

Another benefit of crediting your sources is that you can track the author or publication and let them know. You’re using their articles. We can even extend an invitation for them to be a guest on your show. It is a beneficial networking practice.

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